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Lavandin Essential Oils

LavandinLavandin (also spelled Lavendine) is a hybrid cross of true lavender (Highland Lavender) and Spike Lavender. The aroma is similar to Lavender but less floral and more herbaceous.

  • Due to its higher content of camphor and oxides Lavandin is ideally suited for respiratory support.
  • These components are also helpful in muscle and circulatory support and Lavandin makes an ideal addition to a post-exercise massage blend where it blends well with Cardamom and Sweet Marjoram.

Cultivated by cuttings, more lavandin is in production than true lavender because it is easier to grow and produces a high yield of essential oil. It is therefore less costly, and when soap or washing powder claims to include lavender as one of its ingredients it will normally be lavandin.

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  • Lavandin Sweet (Super) Organic

    Lavandula hybrida
  • Lavandin Abrial Organic

    Lavandula hybrida
  • Lavandin Grosso Organic

    Lavandula hybrida
  • Lavandin (Croatia)

    Lavandula hybrida
  • Lavandin Sumian Organic

    Lavandula hybrida
  • Lavandin Reydovan

    Lavandula hybrida
  • Lavandin Grosso

    Lavandula hybrida grosso