Oshadhi FAQs


Can I have my order sent to a different address?

Yes – just enter the address in the shipping address field. If it’s a gift, let us know in the order comments and we’ll send the invoice to you separately.

I’m in the Channel Islands – how do I order without paying VAT?

To complete an order for delivery to the Channel Islands without being charged VAT please ensure that you choose Jersey or Guernsey as the country when you enter your shipping address.

Do you sell wholesale?

We offer a discount for therapists, practitioners and professionals who are buying oils for their business, and also for students studying towards a practitioner level qualification. Please call or email us for details.

At the moment we aren’t able to get larger bottles of our oils, sorry. We don’t sell oils in bulk for rebottling or relabeling.

Do you sell bottles and containers?

No, sorry, we don’t sell bottles or containers.

I need technical documentation for the oils I have purchased – can you provide this?

Many documents are now available to download from each product page. If you can’t see what you need please contact us.

We can provide Material Safety Data Sheets for all products, Gas Chromatography (GC or GCMS) test results for essential oils and Certificates of Analysis for other products. Please quote the item number when requesting data to help us provide you with the correct information.

I can’t check out my order

Occasionally you may experience problems when checking out your order. In some cases clearing your web browser’s data and cookies or using a different browser will solve the problem. If not then please call or email us.


How much do you charge for shipping?

We charge shipping by the weight of your parcel. You will be able to see the shipping cost for your order before you pay.

How quickly will my order be despatched?

We aim to process orders the same day that we receive them and orders received before lunchtime will usually be despatched the same day. For UK customers standard delivery is usually the next day. Larger orders (over 2kg) are sent by courier. This needs to be booked by midday so if you have a large order then please get it to us as early as you can to ensure next day delivery.

I’ve forgotten something – can I add to my order?

We can usually add items to your order if you contact us before it has been despatched. Call us or send an email and we will do our best to add the things you need.

My parcel hasn’t arrived yet – what should I do?

If you are waiting for a parcel and it hasn’t arrived within a couple of days then it is always worth checking with your neighbours and your local delivery office. Small parcels don’t always fit through a letterbox and if you aren’t in when your post is delivered your parcel will either be taken back to your nearest sorting office or left with a neighbour.

Parcels shipped in the UK using standard (untracked) or recorded shipping usually arrive the day after despatch however Royal Mail allow up to 11 days before a parcel is considered to be lost.

Most parcels to overseas destinations arrive within 7 working days however Royal Mail allow up to 25 working days for parcels to the EU and up to 32 working days for other destinations before a parcel is considered to be lost.

Help and Advice 

Can you help me choose oils?

In some cases we stock many variants of a particular oil. We are always happy to explain the differences and help you decide.

If you are looking for oils to help with a specific medical condition then it is a little more difficult for us to help. A professional aromatherapist would normally carry out a full consultation prior to making a recommendation so it wouldn’t be wise for us to give advice by email or phone. Where possible, we will try to direct you to relevant resources and information.

Can you help me choose skincare products?

We’ll certainly try our best! We like to use the Oshadhi products ourselves and amongst our team we have skin of all types and ages so we’re always happy to share our experiences.

Can you provide samples?

We have samples available for many of our popular essential oils and skincare products. Please call or email us for details.

I can’t get the cap off my bottle

If you have purchased Oshadhi oils before you will know that all of our essential oils come with a safety cap. Very occasionally, we find that the caps can be difficult to open. Usually it is possible to open the bottle by following these simple steps:

– Firstly, if the cap is clicking rather than engaging the mechanism then don’t continue to click it round and round. This can damage the mechanism and make it more difficult to open.

– To open the cap pour a little bit of boiling water into a cup (just enough to cover the cap) and stand the bottle upside down in the water for a few minutes. This won’t harm the oil.

– Wearing rubber gloves, grip the cap firmly, press down and turn the bottle.

This works in most cases, but if you are still unable to open your oil please contact us and we will arrange to re-cap it.

I can’t get a consistent drop size – what can I do?

Oshadhi oils are supplied with a dropper insert which allows you to dispense one drop at a time. A ‘drop’, however, is not a standard measurement and the size of the drop can vary depending on factors such as the viscosity of the oil, the ambient temperature and the size of the dropper aperture. If precision is important for your blend then we would advise that you use a graduated pipette or small scales to measure the quantity of oil.

I subscribed to your newsletter but I didn’t get a confirmation email

Some email services have a special folder for subscriptions. Please check to see if your subscription email is there. Also check your spam folder, and if needed add oshadhi.co.uk to your whitelist.

For how long can hydrosols be stored?

Once opened, the length of time that a hydrosol remains good to use depends on many factors, including the storage temperature, the amount of exposure to light, how often the bottle is opened, how much is left in the bottle, whether a spray top is used, whether there has been any contamination etc.

Different hydrosols also behave differently over time. Under good storage conditions some hydrosols such as Thyme can keep for 2-3 years. For most hydrosols a storage period of 1-2 years is more usual. Some less stable hydrosols such as Bay Laurel may only last 6 months.

It also depends on your criteria for use. Hydrosols change gradually so someone who is making skincare products may consider a hydrosol unfit for use if the scent has changed even only a small amount. For daily skincare use this is less likely to be a problem. If in doubt trust your nose.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We use brown cardboard boxes and paper tape which can be recycled. Our biodegradable polythene bubble bags can be recycled and should they accidentally enter landfill they will degrade more quickly than conventional plastic. The Oshadhi tree labels and foam packing beads are biodegradable and compostable. Oshadhi glass product bottles can be recycled.