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choose essential oilsAs well as providing you with products of the highest energetic quality and purity, we also want to offer useful and interesting information.

The purpose of these pages is broaden your understanding, and maybe fill in some gaps, by providing you with information which we hope will be useful to help you understand more about essential oils.

But knowledge flows both ways, and it is brilliant to hear your success stories of using essential oils. Please share your experiences. Please let us know about your favourite uses for different oils, blends, etc.

Essential Oils

Essential Oil information A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils
How to Use Essential Oils
Safe Use of Essential Oils
Organic Essential Oils
Essential Oil Cultivation
Essential Oil Production
Cost of Essential Oils
What are Absolutes?

Carrier Oils

Carrier oilsCarrier Oils
About Carrier Oils




Hydrosols hydrolats informationHydrosols (Hydrolats)
What are Hydrosols?
How to Use Hydrosols?

Synergy Blends

Essential Oil informationSynergy Blends
What are Synergy Blends?
How to Use Synergy Blends?
Blending Essential Oils


Essential Oil informationMoor Spa Range
Moor Spa Full Ingredients




Essential Oil informationVideos
Sharing Knowledge
Online Aromatherapy Course




Free course on aromatherapy and essential oils.

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