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Oshadhi Essential Oils
uncompromising purity
in essential oils
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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Body Care

Our Natural Bodycare Products have been created to bring you the luxury, fragrance and therapeutic power of pure, unadulterated aromatic essential oils and vegetable oils. You can enjoy skin moisturisers, perfectly blended massage oils, luxurious bath oils and traditional haircare products, together with specialist products to support the function of joints and muscles, creams and lotions for hands and feet, and of course our 100% pure natural fragrances. Quite apart from how great you feel when you start to use natural skincare, your skin is the largest organ in your body, so what you put on your skin is incredibly important for your health and well being. If you rub the soles of your feet with cut garlic, your breath will begin to smell of garlic within 20 minutes. It is so clear that what you put on your skin can be absorbed into the body, and can therefore have a significant effect on overall health and well-being. Select from one of the categories below, and enjoy youthful, healthy skin!