I use Oshadhi. When you have found the best, why bother with the rest? Oshadhi oils have consistently superb quality and vibrancy and they have the tops in customer service.  10/10!

Dr Jane Buckle PhD RGN, Founder, RJ Buckle Associates
Author of Clinical Aromatherapy in Healthcare, Elsevier 2014.


Oshadhi is special — an exceptional resource for the health professional requiring the very best in essential oils. What makes this company special is three key attributes: first, the sheer range of their aromatic therapeutic products is phenomenal; secondly, and most crucially, the organic purity and high olfactory quality of that range is impeccable; and finally, their customer service - and indeed their passion for aromatherapy! - is terrific. I have been warmly recommending Oshadhi since 1999 — the year I met its global founder, Malte Hozzel. I will continue to do so.

Gabriel Mojay, Author, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit,
Principal of ITHMA, Founding Co-Chair IFPA


I find Oshadhi oils to be simply exquisite. Their fragrances are so rich and full bodied. It is easy to immediately discern the difference their insistence on extraction by slow distillation makes. The larger molecules make the oils like beautifully aged, smooth fine wines! Last week I ordered 1ml of catnip and the parcel that found its way to me was a miniature work of art! Beautifully protected in its own cylindrical box,  it even boasted its own tiny pipette! As a girlie girl there is endless excitement in carefully unwrapping the beautiful pink tissue they painstakingly wrap every one of my orders in. Receiving a packet from them is always a delight and arrives in super quick time. Oshadhi bottles are the prettiest on the market, and whilst that does not add to how good my therapy is, they look mysterious and excellent quality when patients come to see me. I feel it all adds to the value they perceive in my treatments. Best of all though, are the customer service and the vast array of knowledge they have and generously impart. I am proud to regularly share their newsletters on my facebook page and always enjoy plenty of engagement on the posts as people comment excitedly about their new information. Oshadhi might possibly be more expensive on several oils than other providers but for sheer quality, their support of artisanal processes and immaculate customer service, I shall always be happy to find those extra few pennies, especially for their huge range of more unusual oils.

Elizabeth Ashley, 'The Secret Healer',
Author of 19 books on Aromatherapy


I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and the company Oshadhi a few years ago at a therapy event and subsequently since our paths have crossed many times. It was obvious at the time and is reinforced at each encounter the passion and philosophy for providing quality products and training is a key factor for Jonathan and Oshadhi. I personally am concerned about what we put onto our skin as well as professionally and would not recommend anything that I would not be prepared to use myself and this is why I would have no hesitation in advocating Oshadhi products.

Sue Mousley, Former Chair, International Federation of Aromatherapists,
Aromatherapist, Midwife, Pregnancy and Baby Massage Trainer


As a practising aromatherapist and Principal Tutor for the IFA (teaching their Level 4 Diploma course in Aromatherapy Massage), Oshadhi are always my go-to company for quality oils.  I can relax in the knowledge that all the producer research has been carried out for me, so I can just focus on what I want the oils to do, rather than worry about where they've come from and/or what has happened to them along the supplier route.  I can honestly say that, in all the years I have used Oshadhi oils, I have never received a single oil with which I have been disappointed.

Marie Wayte, Principal Tutor, Rosewood College of Aromatherapy


Oshadhi are simply outstanding, and their service to aromatherapy is incalculable. It is not simply because of the aromatics, but the people - their kindness, knowledge, vision, passion and professionalism. I have never before encountered such an exciting range of essential oils and aromatic products, and so many that are wild-crafted and organic. You will find all of the well-known and established essential oils here, often with several variants to choose from, and many unusual and rare oils that have yet to find their aromatherapeutic niche. What an inspiration for the exploration of therapeutic potential! What is particularly special, however, is not just the range of aromatics - for the medicinal, clinical, therapeutic, aesthetic and natural perfumery domains - but the unsurpassed quality. Nowadays we are all encouraged to look at GC-MS data as a benchmark of quality, and yes, Oshadhi can supply this for you. However Henri Viaud maintained that 'quality' encapsulated much, much more than chemistry - and he included the way the aromatic crops were grown and harvested, and the knowledge and expertise of the distillers. Oshadhi source their oils from those who follow the Viaud philosophy, and take it even further, because their oils are treated with love, care and respect at each and every stage until they arrive (very promptly, and beautifully packaged!) at your door. You can not only smell the difference that this makes, you can 'sense' it with every fibre of your being! Oshadhi oils have a vibrancy that I have not encountered anywhere else.

Jennifer Peace Rhind, Author 'Essential Oils', 'Fragrance and Wellbeing'


The aromas arrived today and I am thoroughly delighted and impressed with your creation. Over the years I've had a chance to experience many aroma products. All the big names. I've *never* experienced aromas that captured the essential truth of nature's aromatic creations so completely. This is as close to nature as it gets, because it *is* nature, it seems. We live in woodlands where wildflowers of many varieties abound. What one notices in smelling them is the completeness of the scents - perfect dances, each different, of the nuanced layers of intelligence and fragrance. You - I have no idea how - have managed to capture this fullness: the essential components of nature's aromas. Whatever your processes are, the result is magical and powerful. I am wearing the sandalwood now -- and the aromatic fullness is a lingering, transporting delight. Balancing. Uplifting. Ancient. Pure. Beautiful. If these aromas were music, this would be a symphony. The divine is in these aromas. I thank you sincerely for this gift.

P.S., July 2022


I enjoy using your oils for their amazing and diverse beneficial effect and for the beautiful aromas. They are super in my face creams. Thank you so much for all the joy and balance to life you bring.

K.G., Ipswich


My parcel arrived before lunch, less than 24 hr turnaround is impressive given my parcel had to journey across the Irish Sea & thank you for the samples! Gotta love Oshadhi, quality products alongside excellent personal service.



I am thrilled with the Oshadhi products thus far. They are very pure (as I can tell from the aroma) and are having good effects.



Super impressed with the speed of dispatch and receipt.

R.H., Ely


Thank you, your oils are just heavenly. So glad to have found your company and will be sharing the benefits and love that your oils give with others.

L.F., Rugby


My package arrived today, thankyou. The packaging is really nice, just opening it felt like a little pamper.

D.H., Widnes


Just wanted to say I've received my order, which as always was beautifully packaged. Thank you so much, my products are wonderful.

S.C., Bury


Thank you so much! What you do at Oshadhi is truly remarkable and as an aromatherapist, I admire your business ethos and mission, delivering wide range of oils with such vibrancy true to the plants.

V.V., Wokingham


Thank you so much for my oils. They really smell delicious. I have bought Davana and Helichrysum from other places and they had this horrid slightly acrid higher smell. Yours smell so much better I can feel the benefits going straight to my olfactory center - bliss.

C.S., Oxford


Longstanding good service, you can find something different which is of good quality. Delighted to hear you are not planning to reduce your selection of 500 oils. I enjoy finding new oils for patients and being able to try oils you recommend.

S.F., Inverness


I just want to say that I am so happy with the customer service that I get from Oshadhi and I am always so happy with the quality of your products and love the informational emails I receive from you too.

F.A., St Neots


Thank you, Jonathan, for posting Frangipani so quickly. My passion for perfume wouldn't be the same without your beautiful oils.

A.E., Ely


Just to say thank you for your quick efficient service, I love these oils and your knowledge and such amazing choice really impressed.

D.C., Manchester


I am very impressed with your service and line up of the different types of essential oils you sell. I will be purchasing many more in the future.

P.S., Exmouth


Thank you so much for your email and for sharing such amazing information through your course... I really enjoyed the learning experience and look forward to future downloads.

J.F., Armagh


I am one of those people that are completely in love with anything to do with essential oils and never tire from improving my little knowledge about them. I have bought a couple of books from Oshadhi that I found both informative and a joy to read so I will certainly have a look at this one!

B.M., Bristol


Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of your superlative oils which are not available anywhere else, nor would I buy them from anywhere else if they were. Such reliable quality and excellent customer service.

R.S., Scotland


I got the Rose Rubiganosa oil today. It arrived in good shape, and I could hardly wait to open it up and put some on my face! It felt wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!



Sending you a note of appreciation for the beautiful Oshadhi essential oils and hydrosols. They are as lovely as you described them. I am very pleased with the quality of the essential oils and look forward to utilizing more of your products.



The order I placed with you yesterday was delivered, to my office, about half an hour ago! Oshadhi has always been efficient but this excels all previous records! The oils are already in the 'fridge. 'Excellent' hardly fits the bill. Thank you.

P.M., Manchester


I'd like to express my heart felt thank you for my package which arrived promptly on Friday. I was really impressed with the packaging which already indicated that an effort and care has been put into it. I am getting to know the other oils now and generally - I'm taken aback by their strength and powerful vibration.

M.O., Cambridge


I have received my order and just wanted to thank you for the prompt way it arrived and the lovely way it was packed. It was a real pleasure to open the package.

S.C., Bury


I am so very happy with the stunning oils I have already purchased from Oshadhi and absolutely love the fascinating e-mails and information you put out too. Thank you, super happy with my order - the very highest quality essential oils from sustainable sources and all so beautifully packaged too.

E.F., Guernsey


I received my first order today, beautifully packaged. I am really looking forward to my Aromatherapy journey and to ordering plenty more of your lovely oils.

A.M., Chesham


Wow this is a very nice and superb customer service. I have to say I am always very impressed with Oshadhi products and services. It's a pleasure to use such great products in my therapies.



My little package arrived safely in nZ thank you for so much for prompt service and love the samples!



Thank you. The bottles came so beautifully packed, it gave the impression that so much care goes into what you do. Very reassuring, and it adds an additional layer of pleasure and connection to the oils to know they are handled with love.

A.C., Plymouth


The oils are unbelievable! Thank you so much!

S.B., London


Have just received my parcel of essential oils beautifully packaged and smell amazing looking forward to working with them...

C.A., Leeds


Congratulations! The amount of effort that you and your staff have devoted to this site is worth every sleepless night or worry line. I think that you’ve just created a site that will be talked about throughout the essential oil world.

R.C., Poole


Thank you again to you all for making working with you so pleasant and easy - you are kind and courteous folk, your parcels are a dream to unpack, your Oils are wonderful - and you plant trees on behalf of us all!! It doesn’t get much better than that…

J.M., Scotland


The oils I've had from Oshadhi so far are fantastic quality and it's great to buy from a company that are so generous with the information they share with their customers.



Thank you so much for such lovely customer service and for going the extra mile to help me out.

M.M., Cambridgeshire


I loved the feeling when I opened your packaging and after trying small orders from many company’s I felt pulled in your direction for quality, stock , the best care in packaging, a base oil that arrived in glass not plastic and just an energetic sense of alignment.

P.F., Somerset


Thanks very much! Just received my first order from Oshadhi - arrived SO quickly! The oils seem top quality. I love the huge choice, especially rarer essential oils that most places don't stock.

A.C., London


The oils are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.



Just to let you know that I have received the order and that I am pleased with the products, specially the presentation of the Persian Rose Essential Oil. Roses are my favourite fragrance, I enjoy buying goods from your company as I can expect good quality. I shall be recommending your products to my friends and work colleagues.

J.P., London


I cannot tell you how happy I am with your company, the quality of the service and your helpfulness.

C.C., Colchester


I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your great products!!! I always feel so confident using them because I know that they are top quality and they have helped me so much :)



Thank you for the most beautiful package I have received in a long, long time. All that liquid sunshine!



Just a note to say thank you so much for the order. This is my first purchase with you and am so happy with the quality of the oils!

M.H., London


My order arrived today. Thank you for your excellent (and speedy!) service.

E.W., Norwich


Thank you so much. You really are a wonderful company to deal with!

L.M., Dublin


I am totally blown away by the love that is poured into these products. My order was wrapped in beautiful tissue paper- like a gift. Love it. I have just opened my jar of organic Shea butter and it is absolutely divine to work with. The best I have ever tried.



My order arrived promptly and in good order. I am very satisfied with the items and thank you for the catalogue. Rest assured that I shall be using Oshadi again.



I have always ordered with complete confidence. Keep up the great work.



My order came today with the awesome samples thanks SO MUCH! Your oils are unbelievable. The aroma is so amazing and I love the dark blue bottles and packaging, I will definitely recommend the students get their oils from you.

I.N., Ilminster


I thought it was jolly well about time I expressed my appreciation to you for taking the time to write your messages and I learn something every time! So a GREAT BIG THANK YOU is long overdue!!! And… here it is!!!

A.M., Hampshire


Your approach, philosophy and your oils are beautiful and they make my heart sing. So special in every way and the best medicine. Stay true to your heart.



I’ve been meaning to tell you for months how much I value these mailings from you about the invidual oils!  They are so interesting and enliven the interest in aroma oils.  Please keep them going.  They have the ring of professionalism and deep, deep knowledge.



Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my essential oils order. I love these oils. They are superior and worth every £.

R.J., London


We are very happy with both the products and the service received. I am particularly happy to have found a source of quality carrier oils in glass bottles. I will definitely be buying from Oshadhi again.

K.C., Brighton


Thank you for your prompt service, friendliness and help, outstanding customer service.  I will be ordering again soon!

C.P., Surrey


My oils arrived and I am thrilled with these. The blends are wonderful and unusual!



I just wanted to thank you for my order which I received yesterday. All of the 5 that I ordered and the three samples I received are amazing! Our beauty therapist and I have just been comparing them to both my own collection and the oils we have in clinic and there is absolutely no comparison. I can't wait to start using them. I have a new aroma client this afternoon so I'm hoping I'l be able to use one or two on them. Thank you so much! As my oils run out I will be replacing them with Oshadhi!

N.G., Milton Keynes


Many thanks for your good quality products and service. Delivery was quick and the package was in good condition.

V.T., East Anglia


Dealing with the U.K. branch has been a breeze with very good customer care, they have a passion for what they do and know how to make a customer feel valued, they share information and knowledge readily and are efficient, reliable and very professional. I ordered around 10 oils to try them out and that´s a lot for a first experience with a new company but I felt I would be satisfied with them so took a chance and can honestly say I'm pleasantly surprised. The oils are all of exceptional quality, each and every one of the ones I ordered are right up there with the best I have ever experienced!

Patrick Chehab Hidgalo


Brilliant service, as always! Ordered yesterday, arrived today! Many many thanks xx

L.M., Perth


I received my order in record time, very well wrapped and all in order.



Received my order this morning, great delivery service and fine product.

C.T., London


Product arrived today and I  am absolutely over the moon. Lovely products, great service and I will recommend to friends.



Thank you so much, my essential oils have arrive, beautifully and tastefully packaged, within 24 hours of ordering ... Excellent service.



Wanted to say a huge thank you for my order, which arrived today. In spite of ordering these items for work, the excitement in opening all the beautifully individually wrapped parcels is almost like a child opening presents at Christmas.



Many thanks for organising the additional parcel to arrive by today. It was very much appreciated the extra effort that you all put in to catch the post for me.



Just wanted to thank you, I received my order, nicely packaged and very much appreciate the hydrolats being in glass bottles.



Just to let you know I received my beautifully packaged mini order safely. As a Practitioner & Teacher I am so impressed with the quality of yours oils supplied, service and delivery.



I wanted to tell you that experiencing your products for the first time has been mind-blowing, and I've totally fallen in love with them...! I'm so amazed, even shocked, by the quality of your essential oils. I'm very happy and excited to have found you, and I cannot wait to order many more of your products.

M.S., Japan


I wish to let you know that my order arrived this morning. I appreciate your very efficient customer-aroma family care.

R.R., Ireland


I have recently received my first order of essential oils from Oshadi and I would like to say how  impressed I am with their quality.

S.I., Australia


I cannot believe how promptly this arrived! Lovely oils, beautifully packaged, thank you.



I'm just sending an email to let you know I received my first order of essential oils yesterday & I am over the moon. These are just lovely.



Your introductory course on aromatherapy was great. It taught me basics of aromatherapy, thank you for this course. :)



I love your oils and the philosophy behind your company.



I just got the package, all the oils are amazing!

A.G., Romania


I received my first order from you on Monday and I was so excited to open all of the beautifully wrapped packages! Love the bottles and also these are the best oils I have smelled.

D.W., Wiltshire


My recent order of oils and skincare is overwhelming! The products are absolutely sublime. It has made a real difference to my treatments.

M.H., Hertford


Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic quick delivery of my products. 5 star service.

L.I., Wigan


We have now the order. And thank you for the lovely wrapping is like receiving presents!

P.O., Letchworth


I really like your customer service, the generosity of information and the way you package with care too. I’ll return!

L.M., Chippenham


My order arrived first thing this morning less than 17h post my call! A platinum star to accompany my thanks. Surely Oshadhi can't get any better than informed, amazingly helpful personnel dispatching wonderful products, efficiently packed, at startling speed? OK adding in the online tuition and informative website!

P.M., Therapist and Trainer, Manchester


Received my order today beautifully packed as usual. Will be in touch for more soon.

B.C., London


Most impressed by the speed & safe arrival of your oils and hydrosols, thank you - also, the products themselves. Already have had positive feedback from clients which is always a good sign!

C.R., New Zealand


Thanks a lot a receive my order! I'm very happy and the shippment was very fast!

M.H., Canada


I am using this for shingles pain along with the other oils I ordered. I'm using coconut oil as a base. I realised as soon as I opened the bottles you sent that the oils are of very good quality and I am glad I found your site.

M.G., Belfast


Thank you so much for a brilliant service. My oils arrived far quicker than I had expected, this was great as it meant I could make up a product for my client and managed to exceed their expectations too.

Caroline Sammon, Hipsley Green Aromatherapy


Just a quick note to say I placed an order yesterday afternoon, and received it this morning- delighted, thank you so much! Lovely oils, looking forward to showcasing them to my clients asap.

Clare Hannant, Massage Therapist, Newport


Can I just say what a pleasure it always is to receive an order from Oshadhi! Beautifully packaged and wonderful products always. Thank you.

Catherine Wright, Aromatherapist, York


Thank you so much for all your arrangement. And thank you for your excellent service in my first time purchase with Oshadhi. Really appreciated for all your great help. I will return for future order.

C.L., Malaysia


Thank you very much! Always great service from Oshadi.

S.T., Huntingdon, UK


Many thanks, my order arrived this morning. Brilliant service and oils smell fantastic.

D.P., Oxford, UK


I just want to share with you the benefits I have enjoyed using your oils. I use the Oshadhi oils every day and besides my family and friends also benefit from them at a small cost. I have such a bad skin, acne, spots, dull. I have used various oils including pomegranate, buruti, on my face and I got amazing results. I recently decided to try your organic facial serum with eye cream and toner. In one week I had amazing results. The spots have disappeared quickly, and my skin feels soft and bright. I am 45 years but not a soul thinks so, people always tell me I look 32 years, the highest I get is 35 years. Thank you so much for giving us quality oils.

G.C., Kenya


I just wanted to let you know how perfect the Marma Oils have been, since receiving them last week. I only had enough funding for two, so chose the Nabhi center and the Nila/Manya blend......  The healing power is so deep;  the fragrances so complex and specific;  they are just wonderful and have already yielded deep and healing dreams, a steadiness in my daily work, and a deep sense of the simple purity of truth coming through all things.  And here, we have only just begun...  Thank you and all your staff for your beautiful work.

D.W., Canada


Thank you!!! The products and service are above any praise, as usual.;)) It's very sweet of you to wrap the bottles into pink paper.

N.M., Uzbekistan


May I say how much I love your products – the quality, the reasonable postage costs and the super-fast delivery!

H.G., Dublin, Ireland


I received the order, thank you very much. I really appreciate the effectiveness and purity of your oils!!

M.H., British Columbia, Canada


I wanted to write to extend my thank to you for your outstanding help and service. You were such a blessing to me on the run up to Christmas. It is so exciting for me to have such a perfect service from beginning to end from my new supplier. I have tried other brands of oils but yours are by far the very best - which is why I continue to buy from you but also recommend you to others.

L.G., Cambridge


Hello Oshadhi! Today I have recieved my first order and experienced the first encounter with Oshaidi smells. Although the two blends are not exactly as I expected due to descriptions of ingredients, I must say they have still deeply impressed me with their unique notes. My nose is very very picky and I must say I give Oshadhi oils a very good grade! They smell and feel very authentic and natural. Well done! Look forward to encounter more of your pleasant medicinal smells. Keep going, and good luck.

A.K., Slovenia


It was great talking to you. I feel relieved to find a company that understands this amazing medicine and it's delicate nature. I am very excited to receive your oils and I will enjoy reading your catalogue. Wonderful!

K.B., Hove, England


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for my recent order, oils arrived very quickly, I love the blue bottles. Many thanks and I will be ordering again and recommending you to one and all :)

K.D., Bangor


Your order came so fast, thank you and the oils are great. Thank You.

C.H., Glasgow, Scotland


Thank you for an astonishingly fast turnaround.  You far exceed my expectations! Wishing you all a happy weekend when you get there.

L.M., Bristol


Thank you very much. It is very kind, it is a pleasure to buy in your shop. The quality is always exceptional. Thank you again!

A.W., Ireland


Thank you, order arrived, great service. Cheers.

W.L., Manchester


Thank you for quick response! Your company is a pleasure to deal with! Will definitely order from you again and again in the future!

H.V., Lithuania


Thank you very much for keeping me up to date and such a great service. I have been recommending your company to my students and will carry on doing so.

S.B., Kent


I just wanted to say thank you for excellent service throughout the year. You have always lived up to my expectations of great products and quick delivery, and that matters to a small business a lot.

S.K., Channel Islands


I got last parcel 2 days ago. And I want to say thank you. Everything was packing very good. Quality is perfect!

O.K., Moscow


My oils arrived today, what a great service and nicely packaged, and the samples were lovely too.

D.M. Warwickshire


Just a quick message to thank you for my order which arrived today. I am very impressed with your prompt service and the packaging.

C.F., Manchester


I received the order which I placed with you recently. Thanks for such prompt and excellent service. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

A.Y., Fife


Many thanks for the special order. Your customer service is unbeatable!

M.W., York


May I just say I'm in awe of the customer service at Oshadhi. I received my parcel today(my first order with you) and everything is deliciously beautiful and creative...and so tasteful.

I.N, Norwich


Thank you so much - my order has been delivered today and I am writing to let you know that I am very impressed with your service.

L.H., Hemel Hempstead


I am a huge fan of oshadhi essential oils and order only from oshadhi. I want you to say thank you for introducing such a great essential oils.

J.K., London


Thanks again for your patience, long email explaining and all the information you mentioned..The excellent and reliable customer service is the most important reason why I stick to your brand and  take the trouble to purchase it from UK :)



Many thanks for sending my order so promptly and thoughtfully including the sample of Orange sinensis. Thank you also for your personal, attentive and efficient customer service. I love your products and appreciate their energetic quality and purity as well as, in many cases, their organic or wild-crafted status. 

R.B., Newton Abbott


Just to let you know I got the oils...beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper! Thanks, I am looking forward to using it...

T.J., Belgium


I have to say this is only the second time I have ordered from you (having seen your products at the last IFPA conference) and so far I have been so impressed with the speed of your responses, the variety of oils you offer and the quality of your products.

C.S., Winchester


Thankyou for sending out the order promptly and I just had to express my deep joy when I inhaled them!! Superb quality oils that have a depth and a resonance that other oils just do not have.

K.E., Welshpool


Thanks for your quick update of my order. The top quality of Oshadhi products, reasonable prices and reliable customer services impressed me and my friends a lot. We enjoyed all the products we've ordered so far. Thanks again.

H.W., Canada