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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Smell training set with Eucalyptus radiata organic, Rose Geranium, Lemon organic, Clove Bud organic (25% off the price if each purchased separately)

About Our Essential Oils

Three stages to understand Lavandin

It sometimes seems that our understanding of Lavandin can go through three stages. The first is to see it as a type of Lavender. This is completely understandable because it has an aroma which is distinctly ‘lavender-ish’ and a name that suggests a connection. And in a way it is ‘lavender’. Lavandin is actually a

Thyme: One Plant – So Many Expressions

Everyone wants it to be July or August when they visit Provence. At this time the lavender harvest is in full swing, the yellowish soil has been baked to a dry crustiness like a loaf of wholemeal bread which has been left in the oven just a little too long, the cicadas scratch away from

Are you a ‘looker’ or a ‘sniffer’?

One of the greatest pleasures of being involved with essential oils is the time I spend with people who come round and want to sample them. And one thing I always notice is that people tend to fit into two different groups: there are those who just lift the bottle up to their nose and