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Moor Spa Range

Originally developed as a professional spa brand in North America, Moor Spa® is an award-winning range of safe, natural and effective skincare products that are suitable for spa and home use. The products are based around a peaty substance called ‘Deep Moor’ (Tiefenmoor), an ‘organic peloid’ formed over 10,000 years ago from crushed herbs, plants and flowers, which stimulates circulation to the skin, detoxifies and balances, and has anti-inflammatory properties (see What is Moor?).

Safe, effective skincare
The Moor Spa range is designated a ‘champion’ by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for its dedication to product safety. Moor Spa products are especially suitable if:
– you have sensitive skin or skin problems
– your skin is out of balance as a result of illness or treatment
– you have previously had a reaction to skincare products.

100% Natural source guarantee
Unlike many products which claim to be natural, Moor Spa is completely free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances and petroleum-derived chemicals such as PEG, propylene glycol or mineral oil. The Moor Spa range is freshly produced in Canada with care and integrity.

Clean Beauty Awards 2017
Moor Spa wins at the Clean Beauty awards with awards for the Salicylic Cleanser, Pumpkin Peel, Botanical Shampoo and Tension Balm.

“Moor Spa has excelled in 3 categories, showing fantastic product performance. The awards are a testament to the innovation and vision of its creators. Often times, consumers are hesitant to try unfamiliar brands. If you haven’t heard of Moor Spa, give it a try – a panel of judges has given it their stamp of approval.” 
Jenise Lee, CEO, CertClean

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  • Cleansing Milk (Dry/Sensitive)

  • Hydrating Cream (normal / sensitive skin)

  • Mattifying Cream

  • Salicylic Cleanser

  • Replenishing Cream (dry skin)

  • Tension Balm

  • Herbal Toner

  • Hydrating Serum

  • Botanical Shampoo

  • Cleansing Gel (Normal/Oily)

  • Respiratory Formula

  • Eye Zone Cream (all skin types)

  • Facial Mask

  • 4-in-1 Bar

  • Sleep / Relax Formula

  • Plumping Serum (fine lines, smoothing)