sustainability oshadhiThese are the steps we take to address environmental concerns at this delicate time for our planet:

  • Oshadhi oils are sourced sustainably and we deal only with farmers who work in harmony with nature and share our ideals of organic agriculture.
  • More than 70% of our oils and hydrosols are organic or wildcrafted and conventionally farmed oils are sourced from small producers who use traditional production methods.
  • External packaging from our stock orders is offered free of charge to our local community via Freecyle, so it’s either reused or recycled.
  • Essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils are supplied in glass bottles with plastic caps. Both the bottles and caps can be recycled. The printed bottle labels are not currently recyclable.
  • 500ml hydrosols are supplied in plastic bottles for safety. The bottles are made from recycled material and are also recyclable.
  • We send out orders in brown cardboard boxes which are made from a minimum of 75% recycled material and are also recyclable.
  • The bubble bags that we use to protect the bottles in transit are recyclable in the same way as plastic carrier bags and are made from a form of polyurethane that will biodegrade more quickly than standard plastic if accidentally sent to landfill.
  • The small stickers that we use to secure the wrapping around our bottles are made from biodegradable paper and adhesive.
  • The packing beads that we used to protect products in transit are made from corn starch and can be composted or dissolved in water.
  • The tape we use to secure our posting boxes is made from Kraft paper and natural rubber adhesive which means that it can be recycled along with the box, unlike plastic tape.
  • Each time we receive an order over £50 in value, we send funds to plant a tree in Scotland.