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Oshadhi Essential Oils
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uncompromising purity in essential oils


The inspiration for the collection of Oshadhi Essential Oils comes from the tireless enthusiasm of Dr Malte Hozzel, a naturalist and teacher with a passionate interest in medicinal plants. Over the last 25 years Malte has travelled the world in a quest to find the best and purest oils, sourcing them direct from the growers. The oils are now sold in over 20 countries around the world. Here he explains his motivation.

Our Goal

Malte Hozzel align=Our goal has always been simple: to create and distribute a collection of essential oils which stand out through their uncompromising purity. The magic of Oshadhi essential oils – their outstanding therapeutic efficiency and depth of fragrance – stems of course from the plants themselves. What we have added (and this is our great strength) is our understanding. We do our best to ensure that each product contains the intelligence and healing power of the plant in its purest form. It is wonderful that this healing power can be available in a little cobalt blue bottle: so simple, neat, and beautiful.

Our Quest
Our ‘treasure hunt’ for the best essential oils goes on and on, never ending, always more surprising, always more demanding. This is a challenge we relish. During our quest, we have established strong ties with over 100 farmers of medicinal plants throughout the world.

Working with Farmers
These farmers are committed to the wise and prudent treatment of the soil and have demonstrated a deep respect for nature. Many do the same work as their father and grandfather did, often using traditional stainless steel or copper stills which provide the optimum conditions for the full aroma of the essential oils and maintenance of the active ingredients.

Responsible Ecological Farming
During our search we have witnessed ever-increasing degradation of the soil due to the misuse of natural resources. This is specifically due to the clear-cutting of plants, over-harvesting, the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and mono-cultural farming. Unfortunately few farmers are aware of the dramatic consequences of these widespread practices. Our commitment is therefore to promote organic farming and to work with producers who know how to handle nature in a loving and caring way. Whenever we make contact with new farmers we immediately draw their attention to the far-reaching positive consequences of responsible ecological farming.

Cooperation and Mutual Respect
We are convinced that cooperation, exchange of knowledge and mutual respect are the best means to echo back the message of nature reflected in the wonderful gift of these plants. We enjoy being able to be a piece in this puzzle of awakening to new values of life, of beauty, of wisdom and of health – and we thank everybody who participates in this goal.

– Dr Malte Hozzel, Founder Oshadhi Essential Oils


The Meaning of Oshadhi

‘Oshadhi’ is a Sankrit word, meaning ‘healing plant’. The roots of the word literally mean ‘carrier of light’; so the ancient peoples saw the healing plants as conveyors and transformers of the energy of the sun for the benefit of mankind.

The Vedic culture of India possessed massive knowledge of aromatic plants and essential oils. In those times, great sages, skilled in the art of healing, gave the realm of healing plants the name ‘Oshadhi’ – bestower of light’s energy.

Oshadhi uses the regenerative power of plant oils in their natural, unadulterated form. Our products stand for uncompromising purity, diversity and olfactive quality.


Oshadhi in the UK

Malte Hozzel align=I have known Malte Hozzel for many years. When he offered me the opportunity to represent his Oshadhi line of essential oils several years ago, I jumped at it. What a privilege it was to suddenly have access to 500 different top quality oils! But at the same time it is quite a responsibility.

I met Malte initially when we taught meditation together. So we come from the same understanding when it comes to using essential oils to enhance health, growth and well being. They are gifts from the plant world, and their energy and healing power is absolutely necessary at this turbulent time in the history of the world.

Aromatherapy – A Meeting Place for many Disciplines
The world of essential oils is a meeting point for people from many areas of interest. Some come from the world of beauty and may use oils to enhance skin care and anti-ageing; for others aromatherapy is one of a long line of complementary treatments that they have qualified in; some come in from the medical area, maybe nurses and hospice workers; some have a deep interest in essential oil chemistry; some are healers through and through; and others come with an interest in the spiritual aspects of the oils, their subtle energies and transformative actions.

I think it is remarkable just how versatile essential oils are; we all have our own angle on their role and how they should be used.

Purity and Energetic Value
One thing that is not in doubt is the importance of purity. Malte’s great contribution is to leave no stone unturned in his single minded focus on purity and therapeutic energy. Only about 5% of the global production of essential oils is ultimately destined for therapeutic use. The rest goes to the flavour and fragrance industries, and they have completely different standards when it comes to purity. They may be, for example, more concerned with consistency of fragrance, and will tolerate the addition of manmade chemicals.

Sadly adulteration in essential oils is very common, and if you purchase oils from dealers and merchants, there is a high possibility that somewhere along the way, a little bit of something will have been added to it to bulk it up and increase the profit.

Therefore Malte was determined to source the Oshadhi oils direct from the growers, and he spent many years travelling the world, sourcing the best oils. One of the principles he worked with was that the farmers whose products he would invest in, needed to share his sympathetic understanding of nature, and needed to ‘love the plants’. If they failed this test, their products could not become part of the Oshadhi collection. As a result, over 70% off the Oshadhi collection is either certified organic, or from wild crafted cultivation.

Nearly all the oils that are distilled are done so under low pressure and low temperature. This gives a lower yield, but an infinitely higher quality oil.

The oils are bottled without coming into contact with high energy electromagnetic fields, because this disturbs their subtle energy, and we play music to them all night. Everything is done to ensure that they reach you in their optimal therapeutic condition.

Swift Despatch
When I buy something on the internet or via mail order, I really like to get it soon (I never understand companies who say that it takes 10 days to process an order. Why should that be?). And I have tried to apply this principle to you. We nearly always process and despatch orders the day we receive them (apart from weekends). The only reason we may not do this, is if a product is not available. One customer told us that she found it ‘extraordinary’ that she placed an online order around 5pm, and it arrived while she was having breakfast the following day.

However note that these are natural products, and their availability (and cost) is always going to be subject to climate, harvests, and other factors. If something is not available, we’ll let you know when we can get it for you, and offer you an alternative if possible. We’ll do everything we can to help you to get your oils as soon as possible, and get the most benefit from them.

Open Communication
Finally, it is great to chat with you on the phone. The internet is great in many ways: quick, simple, available 24/7, but it can be a bit impersonal. I’d like you to know that there is always someone at the end of your emails. Also, it is wonderful to have the chance to meet up at aroma events. Let’s stay in touch!

Jonathan Hinde, Managing Director