Help Me Choose

Plant a tree with OshadhiOshadhi is a specialist essential oil supplier, offering almost 500 different essential oils, 80 hydrolats and 80 different carrier (vegetable) oils, as well as blends, accessories, and facial and skincare products.

This variety is great, but we understand that the choice can be a little confusing, especially if you are beginning your journey into essential oils. So in order to help you find what you are looking for we suggest:

  • Use the Search Box … at the top of every page and key in: the common name or the botanical name or the Oshadhi product number (if you know it).
  • … then use the Filter at the side of the page. The ‘Popularity’ category will allow you to select the more commonly used oils (Core30 for the most widely used, or Core100).
  • Essential Oils Families Page: You may also like to look at the Essential Oil Families where you will find many of the different oil selections with advice about the differences and tips about their uses.
  • Or Phone us: If you need help or advice, or you would like to order by telephone please call us on 01223 242242.