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Three stages to understand Lavandin

It sometimes seems that our understanding of Lavandin can go through three stages. The first is to see it as a type of Lavender. This is completely understandable because it has an aroma which is distinctly ‘lavender-ish’ and a name that suggests a connection. And in a way it is ‘lavender’. Lavandin is actually a hybrid plant, […]


Organic or Wild Essential Oils? Which is Better?

All Oshadhi essential oils are classified according to their cultivation. You’ll find the following categories: Wild Certified organic Certified organic wild Conventional You may not fully understand the difference and wonder if it is really worth getting ‘organic’. Here is a video in which Malte explains the different energy associated with wild-growing plants. I’d like […]


The New Generation of Essential Oils and Two Different Ways of Looking at Nature

Would you agree with me that there are, broadly speaking, two different ways of looking at our relationship with Nature? The modern scientific approach sees Nature as something ‘out there’ that we need to understand, measure, modify, make use of, and maybe even ‘conquer’. Traditional cultures on the other hand tend to see Nature rather […]