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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Articles on Essential Oils

Organic or Wild Essential Oils? Which is Better?

All Oshadhi essential oils are classified according to their cultivation. You’ll find the following categories: Wild Certified organic Certified organic wild Conventional You may not fully understand the difference and wonder if it is really worth getting ‘organic’. Here is a video in which Malte explains the different energy associated with wild-growing plants. I’d like

How to know more about Essential Oils

Have you spent many years using, loving, recommending and appreciating essential oils? Or are you perhaps taking your first steps on this magical journey? Whatever your particular story, I can almost guarantee one thing: that you feel you don’t know enough about essential oils! And how could it ever be otherwise? Essential oils are complex,

Product Focus: Oshadhi Massage Oils

If you are suffering with aches and pains, stress or anxiety, then a massage might just be the answer. And you don’t necessarily need a willing masseur either; just giving yourself a hand or foot massage can be surprisingly effective. Oshadhi massage oils are contain pure essential oils in a vegetable oil base, skilfully blended

A blend for stuffy noses

If you suffer with the sniffles when the flowers are out then this could be the blend for you: 3 drops Cypress 3 drops German Camomile 3 drops Bay Laurel 2 drops Peppermint 2 drops Helichrysum Cypress and Peppermint are said to be vaso-constricting which helps to keep your nose clear. Peppermint also gives a

Product Focus: Omega Deluxe Facial Oil

When it comes to choosing skincare we know that with the multitude of products on offer finding something that is right for your skin can be tricky. Our Product Focus articles look at our products in detail so that you can understand how and why they work and whether they would be right for you.