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Oshadhi Essential Oils
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Vetiver Essential Oils

Vetiver is an earthy-scented oil with sweet undertones that adds depth and a solid base-note to blends. It is a great tonic that supports the circulatory system, and its warming quality soothes tired, sore muscles and joints so can be useful before and after sports.

Vetiver is often planted because its long complex rootlet network binds soil together and prevents erosion. Keep this image in your mind when you realise that it is a ‘re-connector’. It ‘binds together’ skin tissues and firms and strengthens ageing skin.

It strengthens the immune system and its grounding, calming qualities are useful for ‘Vata types’ (spacey, nervous, or emotionally exhausted people) as it reconnects us with the warm, comfortable, nourishing earth energy.It can be used in massage blends and baths.