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uncompromising purity in essential oils

You never know who you’re going to meet in down dog…

It’s amazing who you may meet in down dog!

The other day after a yoga class I was chatting to someone next to me who turned out to be a plastic surgeon specialising in hands. Coincidentally I had recently had minor hand surgery, so we got talking.

She was impressed by the speed of recovery of the scar tissue, and asked what I had been using (Cistus / Rock Rose essential oil at first, followed by Helichrysum and the Ropana Marma blend which includes rose hip seed).

Shortly afterwards she moved away from the area but later wrote as follows:

‘Great to hear that you were able to use a combination of oils to assist in your healing process. I do encourage my patients to massage their scars, as we know that it has benefits in a softer scar and in particular for the hand as it reduces swelling and stiffness, but we can never recommend anything specific to massage with, due to the current evidence base.’

The perceived need for research

It was the final statement that got my attention – ‘due to the current evidence base’ – because it highlights a mismatch which encompasses the use of all natural products. That is the perceived need for research (which I obviously understand) and the difficulty of obtaining it.

There are two main reasons that it’s hard to get research, and the first one is, ‘who is going to fund it?’

Doing a rigorous scientific study takes a lot of time and money, and whoever invests will want to be able to recoup their outlay. This may mean something to patent at the end of the day, but happily you can’t patent a natural product.

Removing variability?

But there’s a deeper issue too, and that relates to the nature of science and the reductionist way of thinking which it embodies. The question always comes up, ‘what is the active ingredient?’. Science wants to strip away all the variables so it can hone in on the the one thing that makes a difference.

Unfortunately Nature loves variety, complexity and variability. Essential oils are not only amazingly complex in their nature and their action, but their compounds change all the time.

By emphasising on hard evidence are we perhaps losing something from the gentle healing arts?