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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Knowledge on Essential Oils

All about Clary Sage Essential Oil

The Origins of Clary Sage Clary Sage essential oil has a rich history and captivating aroma. It is popular with therapists and has earned a well-deserved place in the world of essential oils. It is best known for its calming effects and tea-like aroma. To truly appreciate this remarkable oil, let’s start by exploring the

All about Palo Santo essential oil

Origin and Nature Palo Santo, scientifically known as Bursera graveolens, is a mystical and aromatic tree native to the tropical regions of South America. It is found in countries like Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, where it has deep cultural and spiritual significance. The name “Palo Santo” translates to “holy wood” in Spanish, a name befitting

Cardamom: A conundrum

When you think of Cardamom, what springs to mind? For me it’s finding a stray pod in my curry… a sudden whoosh of freshness that never fails to surprise! Cardamom is an oil that leaves an impression and to be honest is a bit of a conundrum. As a member of the Zingiberaceae family it

Essential oils from different parts of the plant

All essential oils come from plant material of some kind and if we group the oils according to the part of the plant from which they are obtained we can get a detailed insight into their properties and uses. Whole plant Oils from the flowering tops/whole plant often come from herbs in the Lamiaceae and

A Complete Guide To Oshadhi Essential Oils

Welcome to Oshadhi! Here you will find out how Oshadhi came to be, and how you can connect with us. Oshadhi stands as a beacon of purity, diversity, and captivating scents. Oshadhi is a movement, celebrating life, beauty, wisdom, and health through essential oils, hydrosols, and skincare. Dive into our world, where nature’s treasures are

Essential Oils and Cognitive Function

Research carried out in 2022 by University College London found that cognitive decline in older people has more than doubled in 10 years. The study showed that whilst the number of people reporting concerns about their memory had remained stable, the number of people found to have cognitive decline, a step beyond memory concern, had

A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

What are essential oils? Essential oils are concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from plants. A pure essential oil is a natural product taken from a single plant species. Not all plants produce essential oils, but in the ones that do, essential oils can be extracted from the stems, leaves, flowers, roots or fruits. Aromatherapy is the

How to use Essential Oils

Essential oils interact with the body through the nose and they are also absorbed through the skin. There is also a benefit in just surrounding yourself with the energetic value of the oil. This guide helps you to find different ways to use essential oils for topical and ambient application. Using essential oils in the

Safe Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated, therapeutic agents with multiple benefits for mind, body and spirit. But bear in mind that they require respect and basic understanding of their applications. Less can be more Essential oils are used in increments of drops, and ‘less can be more’ when working with pure aromatherapy oils. If you are

Essential Oil Production

Essential oils can be produced in a number of different ways: Steam Distillation Most essential oils are produced by steam distillation (see picture montage on this page of Nana Mint production in Morocco). Steam distillation should ideally be by low or medium pressure without the use of chemical solvents. Unfortunately, the distiller or producer is

Essential Oil Cultivation

When you buy an essential oil … It’s important to know as much as possible about the origin of the essential oil you buy. This includes how it has been grown, harvested, and distilled. This is the specific cultivation information that we give: Cultivation Certified Organic Farming [Cert org] No use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides,

Organic Essential Oils

Is it worth paying extra for organic essential oils? Whichever of the methods of using essential oils you use, quality is extremely important. It is the energy and therapeutic quality of the oil that will ensure maximum benefit. So, where possible, it is wise to use certifed organic essential oils or wild crafted essential oils.

Cost of Essential Oils

Many factors affect the cost of essential oilsEssential oils vary enormously in price,  For example, 1 ml of Turkish Rose oil costs as much as a 100 ml of Sweet Orange oil. There are many variables that are responsible for price differences: The availability of the plant The yield of the oil it gives Cultivation

The plant part gives us a hint…

Essential oils come from different parts of the plant, and knowing which part can give us deep and useful insights into their therapeutic use. Below is an interesting graphic showing how many Oshadhi oils come from each of the different plant parts. Those with images are essential oil families with many variants, for example the

What are Synergy Blends

Essential oils frequently produce more powerful effects when blended together. Because they work well together, they are known as ‘synergy blends’. The blending can be undertaken for a specific therapeutic purpose, for a particular part of the body, for general massage, for topical use, for a particular therapy, to create a pleasing fragrance… all sorts