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Knowledge on Essential Oils

How to Use Synergy Blends

The ideas are endless Body, bath, massage — the ideas are endless for using pure, therapeutic essential oil synergy blends. Experiment, experience and enjoy. They will change and enhance your life. Essential oils can produce more powerful effects when blended. Because they work well together, they are known as ‘synergy blends’. The blending can be

Blending Essential Oils

There are few things as satisfying as making your own essential oil blends. Here are some principles for combining oils which you may find useful: Based on biochemical makeupCertain natural bio-chemical compounds found in essential oils have specific effects, so you can blend oils which contain a majority of this same compound. For example, the

What are Absolutes?

Absolutes are plant oils produced by the process of extraction Some plants do not allow the creation of an essential oil through steam distillation, either because the yield is so minute as to make it prohibitively expensive, or because the heat may adversely affect the aroma of the oil. In such cases extraction may be

About Carrier Oils

The therapeutic effect of carrier oils Carrier oils are an important feature of an aromatherapy treatment. The correct and thoughtful use of carrier oils (also known as base oils, or vegetable oils) in therapeutic massage adds a significant additional dimension to the benefit of the treatment. Despite this, carrier oils in aromatherapy are sometimes seen

What are Hydrosols?

Water-soluble and non water-soluble components If you pass steam through plant material, it will collect many of the aromatic substances that are in the plant. Some of these substances dissolve in water, and some don’t. And when the steam is cooled down and turns back to water, the non-water-soluble ‘oily’ substances quickly separate out from

How to use Hydrosols

The magic of hydrosols Hydrosols (also known as hydrolats) have a delicate nature and a light aroma. They are ideal for situations that require gentle aromatic care, especially for children, the elderly, the highly sensitive, and those who are very debilitated by illness. They do not require dilution and can be applied directly to the

Purity, Adulteration & Testing

Essential oils vary markedly in their quality. Here are some of the factors that affect essential oil quality. Therapeutic or industrial use? Only about 5% of the total global production of essential oils is ultimately destined for therapeutic use. Most essential oil production is bound for the fragrance or flavour industries, washing powder, etc, and

Gas chromatography – a key test of purity

‘Are your oils pure?’ It’s something we are often asked, and it’s a great question because there is a lot of adulteration in essential oils which may change their therapeutic properties. Sometimes the adulteration is deliberate and open because the oil is destined for the chemical or fragrance industry; sometimes it is caused erroneously by,

Hazards of Chemical Farming

Malte Hozzel, who has created the Oshadhi range of oils, writes about his research into the use of pesticides and herbicides on medicinal plants: The sensitivity of plants ‘Plants are known to be extremely sensitive to the toxic substances which are used to ‘protect’ them, or to increase their yield. These toxins can result in

Help Me Learn

As well as providing you with products of the highest energetic quality and purity, we also want to offer useful and interesting information. The purpose of these pages is broaden your understanding, and maybe fill in some gaps, by providing you with information which we hope will be useful to help you understand more about

Labelling and Plant Names

Confusion about plant names The common name and country of origin of an essential oil can provide important information about its quality however there is still room for confusion. Many oils share the same or similar common names, or are named in a way that can be misleading to the customer. This is why it

What are Macerates?

Macerates are created by infusing a carrier oil with a therapeutic herb. The can also be known as herbal oils, infused oils or phytols. The plant material is added to the carrier oil and left to infuse over a period of time, thus imparting the properties of the herb to the oil. Infusing an oil

Marma Therapy

Marmas are delicate points on the body where there is a particularly close connection between mind and body. There are seven main marmas (known as mahamarmas) and these correspond to the chakras outlined in yoga philosophy. In marma therapy we treat these subtle points in a gentle way using special and specific essential oil blends.