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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Marma Therapy

Marmas are delicate points on the body where there is a particularly close connection between mind and body. There are seven main marmas (known as mahamarmas) and these correspond to the chakras outlined in yoga philosophy.

In marma therapy we treat these subtle points in a gentle way using special and specific essential oil blends. The treatment enlivens and relaxes the point, removes blockages, and allows the pranic life-giving energy to flow. Marma therapy is deeply relaxing and restorative to both mind and body, and has been described as one of the great healing secrets of Ayurveda.

The treatment method and the marma blends were developed by Dr Ernst Schrott, author of Marma Therapy, based on theoretical knowledge from the ancient ayurvedic texts, discussions with some of the top ayurvedic experts in India, combined with many years of practical experience in his clinic in Regensburg, Germany.

There are different blends designed for:

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