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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Synergy Blends

See our range of Synergy Blends

Essential oil synergy blendsEssential oils can have even more powerful effects when blended together synergistically. Oshadhi Synergy Blends (what are synergy blends) are a range of 100% pure essential oil blends that have been carefully created with specific uses and purposes in mind. The range includes aromatherapy blends for relaxation, focus, study, children, and general good health and well being. Synergies are best used in a room diffuser, inhalation patch or inhalation stick. The image on the right shows camomile 'invading' a field of lavender ... a 'synergy of nature'!

See our range of Synergy Blends

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  • Ester Blossom: A Woman's Balance Essential Oil Blend

  • Summer Solstice: Celebration Essential Oil Blend

  • Buzz Off

  • Head Ease

  • Fresh & Fit Essential Oil Roll-on

  • Agni


About Synergy Blends

About Synergy Blends

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If you can't decide which blend to choose, try one of our Synergy Sets: Spiritual, Clear Mind, Set for Men. You might like to look at what are synergy blends and how to use synergy blends.

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