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Sage Essential Oils

SageIn an aromatherapy context, Sage encompasses both Salvia officinalis (Common Sage) and Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage). Both oils have therapeutic benefits but Clary Sage is more commonly used in aromatherapy (Common Sage contains toxic ketones and therefore should be used with care).

Clary Sage has a gentle tea-like aroma which is calming to the senses and mildly euphoric. Common Sage has a strong, fresh and camphoraceous odour.

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  • Clary Sage

    Salvia sclarea
  • Clary Sage Organic

    Salvia sclarea
  • Sage

    Salvia officinalis
  • Sage Organic

    Salvia officinalis
  • Spanish Sage Organic

    Salvia lavandulifolia
  • Sage Triloba

    Salvia triloba