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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Pine Essential Oils

PinePines have a fresh, forestal, slightly pungent note. These extremely versatile oils represent the oldest aromatic energy on earth and are deeply linked to the oxygenation of our planet.

  • There are many different species of pine, but generally speaking pine oils are used: to support the respiratory system, to enhance energy, to refresh tired or aching muscles, and for their antiseptic properties.
  • Their connection with the human respiratory system in folk medicine should come as no surprise: Scots Pine for example is traditionally used to detoxify and strengthen the mucus membranes of the lungs, bronchi, and sinuses.
  • The most common way to use pine oils is direct inhalation, or as a component in aromatherapeutic massage.

The direct straightforward energy of the Pine instills confidence, courage, and boldness. It brings the untwisted clarity needed by those bowed down by the burden of memory and fate. Here is a shaft of ancient power to lean on and get strong.

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  • Scots Pine Organic

    Pinus sylvestris
  • Pine Resin (Turpentine) Organic

    Pinus sylvestris
  • Black Pine Organic

    Pinus nigra
  • White Pine Organic

    Pinus strobus
  • Stone Pine Organic

    Pinus cembra
  • Sea Pine Organic

    Pinus pinaster
  • Lodgepole Pine

    Pinus contorta
  • Norway Pine

    Pinus resinosa
  • Dwarf Pine Organic

    Pinus mugo m.
  • Jack Pine

    Pinus divaricata
  • Laricio Pine Organic

    Pinus nigra laricio