Chemical Free Skin Care

Moorspa Natural Spa Products

What is Moor?

Nature provides some extraordinary therapeutic substances. Amongst these, Tiefenmoor is unique.

Tiefenmoor – or ‘Deep Moor’ – was formed 10,000 years ago during the last ice age when a valley full of herbs, plants and flowers was submerged, glaciated, and crushed.

The resulting material, an ‘organic peloid’, is a black peaty substance which has been preserved underground, free from pollutants. Amongst its remarkable properties, it is anti-inflammatory, purifying, and it stimulates blood flow when it is applied to the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients. It can be the basis of a remarkably effective skin care regime.

A complete range of therapeutic spa products based around the healing properties of Tiefenmoor has been created, known as ‘MoorSpa’.

MoorSpa has two unique features: first of all obviously the presence of Tiefenmoor. But also the fact that unlike almost all the skin care products that you will find on the market, Moorspa products are 100% natural source. So they contain no parabens, no sodium laurel sulfate, etc.

These products are famous throughout the world and are used in top spas such as Amattra Lifestyle Spa in New Delhi, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas throughout the USA, The Spa Group in The Philippines, etc. In the UK they are available exclusively from Oshadhi.