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About Carrier Oils

The therapeutic effect of carrier oils

carriermontage.jpgCarrier oils are an important feature of an aromatherapy treatment. The correct and thoughtful use of carrier oils (also known as base oils, or vegetable oils) in therapeutic massage adds a significant additional dimension to the benefit of the treatment.

Despite this, carrier oils in aromatherapy are sometimes seen simply as the vehicle for the essential oils to be introduced onto the skin. Hence the use of the word ‘carrier oil’.

If you want to convince yourself about the benefit for health and well-being that vegetable oils can provide in their own right, try self massage with warm Sesame oil every day for a week before a bath or shower, and see what difference you notice. (This is a daily prescription for good health that is recommended by Ayur Veda, the world’s oldest system of natural health care, and is said to prevent all manner of ailments, to balance the system, and restore health and vitality.)

Why are carrier oils important?

Vegetable oils are largely composed of fatty acids, which are very important to the body, not only because they are an important source of energy, but also because they are a component in the building and maintenance of healthy cells.

Many vegetable oils contain essential fatty acids (EFAs). These cannot be produced by the body yet they are a requirement for life and health. Deficiency of EFAs can lead to a number of ailments, including dry and flaky skin, and raised cholesterol.

Create your own carrier oil blends

Different oils can be suitable for different skin types. Try creating your own vegetable oil blends. For example with wheatgerm, sunflower, sesame and hazelnut; or add 10% of avocado oil to sweet almond to create a carrier oil for dry skin.

Some are particularly useful as facial oils where you just need a few drops. Oshadhi supplies 30 different vegetable oils (many with organic and non-organic cultivation) all of which are suitable for massage use. All are cold-pressed. So that you can try them out, we offer many of these oils in 30ml sizes.

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