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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Hempseed Oil Organic

Cannabis sativa
Rich and nourishing. Useful as an addition to preparations for skin, hair and nail care
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Hempseed Oil Organic, Cannabis sativa (6688) , also known as Hempseed oil,

Hemp Seed Oil has an ideal balance of fatty acids which give it a range of beneficial properties for the skin. High quantities of gamma-Linolenic acid and other poly-unsaturated acids are especially nutritious, soothing dry and difficult skin and protecting against cellular damage.

Due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids Hemp Seed Oil is a reactive oil which easily turns rancid. Best purchased as required and stored in the fridge.

This is a pure natural therapeutic quality food-grade carrier oil from Germany. Many carrier oils have significant benefit for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin. See also About Carrier Oils.

About Hempseed Oil Organic

Technical Documents
  • Botanical name: Cannabis sativa
  • Plant family: Cannabaceae
  • Also known as: Hempseed oil
  • Production: Cold Pressed
  • Cultivation: Certified organic
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Part of plant: Seeds
  • Item no: 6688

I use Oshadhi. When you have found the best, why bother with the rest? Oshadhi oils have consistently superb quality and vibrancy and they have the tops in customer service.  10/10!

Dr Jane Buckle PhD RGN, Founder, RJ Buckle Associates
Author of Clinical Aromatherapy in Healthcare, Elsevier 2014.

Oshadhi is special — an exceptional resource for the health professional requiring the very best in essential oils. What makes this company special is three key attributes: first, the sheer range of their aromatic therapeutic products is phenomenal; secondly, and most crucially, the organic purity ...

Gabriel Mojay, Author, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit,
Principal of ITHMA, Founding Co-Chair IFPA

I find Oshadhi oils to be simply exquisite. Their fragrances are so rich and full bodied. It is easy to immediately discern the difference their insistence on extraction by slow distillation makes. The larger molecules make the oils like beautifully aged, smooth fine wines! Last week I ordered 1ml o ...

Elizabeth Ashley, 'The Secret Healer',
Author of 19 books on Aromatherapy

I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and the company Oshadhi a few years ago at a therapy event and subsequently since our paths have crossed many times. It was obvious at the time and is reinforced at each encounter the passion and philosophy for providing quality products and training is a key f ...

Sue Mousley, Former Chair, International Federation of Aromatherapists,
Aromatherapist, Midwife, Pregnancy and Baby Massage Trainer

As a practising aromatherapist and Principal Tutor for the IFA (teaching their Level 4 Diploma course in Aromatherapy Massage), Oshadhi are always my go-to company for quality oils.  I can relax in the knowledge that all the producer research has been carried out for me, so I can just focus on what ...

Marie Wayte, Principal Tutor, Rosewood College of Aromatherapy

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