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Grapefruit Essential Oils

GrapefruitGrapefruit essential oil is the ultimate pick-me-up. It has a sweet, zesty, citrus aroma which is marvellously cooling, cleansing and refreshing.

  • This can be useful both for short term remedies (try using grapefruit for relieving fatigue on long trips)
  • Or in the long term for refreshing a jaded outlook on life. Sniff it directly from the bottle or use it in an aroma diffuser.
  • Grapefruit also has a detoxifying effect, making it a useful addition to anti-cellulite and other detoxifying massage blends.
  • It is a useful ingredient in skincare preparations, particularly for oily or acneic skin.

Grapefruit blends well with bergamot, lavender, geranium, cypress, palmarosa, ginger, and frankincense. Use pink grapefruit in the same way, but enjoy its sweeter fragrance.

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  • Grapefruit

    Citrus paradisi
  • Pink Grapefruit

    Citrus paradisi
  • Grapefruit Organic

    Citrus paradisi