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Fir Essential Oils

FirThere are many different varieties of Fir and like most conifer oils they are invigorating, with their warming, refreshing notes of pinenes.

  • The beneficent firs encourage deep respiration to support the respiratory system during the winter months, where they blend well with eucalyptus oils (especially eucalyptus peppermint), ravintsara, cajeput and niaouli.
  • Their refreshing nature is perfect to cleanse the air, while their antiseptic properties encourage deep breathing and clear respiration.
  • Fir essential oils increase energy metabolism due to their stimulating properties; a wonderfully effective pick-me-up if you are feeling fatigue, nervous exhaustion or stress.
  • Combined with oils such as mint oils, ginger, rosemary and kunzea they can be used to relieve everyday muscular aches and pains.
  • Unique among the conifers, the firs possess calming components on a par with lavender (with which they can be blended, along with bergamot, lemon or fragonia).

Fir needle oils have a straight-forward energy that brings confidence and courage.

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  • Silver Fir Organic

    Abies alba
  • Douglas Fir Organic

    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  • Siberian Fir

    Abies sibirica
  • Balsam Fir Organic

    Abies balsamea
  • Silver Fir (Cones)

    Abies alba
  • Himalayan Fir Organic

    Abies spectabilis
  • Hemlock Fir Organic

    Tsuga canadensis
  • Giant Fir Organic

    Abies grandis
  • Noble Fir

    Abies procera
  • Hemlock Fir

    Tsuga canadensis
  • Nordmann Fir Organic

    Abies nordmanniana