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Clove Essential Oils

CloveThe clove tree is remarkable in that it gives three different oils: from the bud, the leaf and the stem of the tree.

Of these, only the oil from the bud is suitable for aromatherapy massage (and even then not at concentrations of more than 2%), since the oils from the stem and the leaf are powerful skin irritants, however these can be used in a diffuser.

  • Clove essential oils are best known for their powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
  • They can be used in a room diffuser during winter months – blend with thyme, oregano, tea tree, lemongrass or bay laurel for respiratory and immune support.
  • Use well-diluted to support healthy digestion – can be blended with other digestive essential oils such as coriander or caraway seed, ginger, sweet fennel or mint oils.
  • Try creating a festive aroma with orange and other spicy essential oils.

Emotionally, Clove is warming, stimulating and energising. It brings a rich, sensual note to fragrance blends and can be used alongside oils such as Peppermint and Black Spruce to combat fatigue.

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  • Clove Bud Organic

    Eugenia caryophyllata / Syzgium aromaticum
  • Clove Bud

    Eugenia caryophyllata / Syzgium aromaticum
  • Clove Leaf

    Eugenia caryophyllata / Syzgium aromaticum
  • Clove Stem

    Eugenia caryophyllata / Syzgium aromaticum