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Cedar Essential Oils

Cedar" There are many different oils which are go by the name of Cedar, and they have different properties. When we talk in terms of Western aromatherapy we will normally be talking about the Atlas Cedar, usually from Morocco or Algeria.

  • Atlas Cedar essential oil is warming, soothing, uplifting, and therefore a good support for the nervous system – a wonderful oil for lifting the spirits.
  • With its antiseptic and antimucolytic qualities it can be a good support for the respiratory system.
  • Atlas Cedar is often used to fortify a tired mind, and it can be good for improving concentration and helping get rid of lethargy.
  • It is popular in many massage blends as part of a de-tox or anti-cellulite programme.

Himalayan Cedar is closely related and has many of the same properties, but Texas Cedar and Virginian Cedar (which are more closely related to Juniper), Port Orford Cedar and Japanese Cedar are from different plant families and should not be confused.

Cedar blends well with many woody oils, such as cypress, frankincense, sandalwood, juniper, myrrh, and bergamot.

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  • Atlas Cedar Organic

    Cedrus atlantica
  • Atlas Cedar

    Cedrus atlantica
  • Japanese Cedar

    Cryptomeria japonica
  • Himalayan Cedar

    Cedrus deodara
  • Virginia Cedar

    Juniperus virginiana
  • Atlas Cedar (needles) Organic

    Cedrus atlantica
  • Texas Cedar

    Juniperus mexicana