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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Why do essential oils produce such a wide range of benefits?

Last week I was talking to my son and happened to mention a minor complaint. ‘I’m quite sure there’s an essential oil for that!’ came the reply, with more than a hint of irony.

This really made me laugh. It was fair comment. But there was a serious point there too. As one learns more about essential oils and begins to study them in depth, worlds seem to open up and sometimes a major shift happens and a vision of possibilities opens before us. Suddenly everything can seem to have an ‘essential oil solution’.

Is this fair or not? Well the experience is that it may be. But at the same time to the uninitiated it can seem that we go too far with our claims.

I thought you’d like to see Malte’s perspective on why it is that essential oils have such a wide range of benefits, so here’s a video in which he talks about this, and the importance of the trace compounds in essential oils.