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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Welcome to the Oshadhi community

Have you ever noticed that essential oils are sticky?

No, not in that way… But in the way that once you decide to let them into your life they have a habit of turning into welcome friends who never leave, taking on a relevance and permanency that it would be difficult to abandon. 

Perhaps this ‘friendship’ is because most of us have got out of the habit of paying attention to our sense of smell, so when we start to do that, it opens up new folds of perception, feeling… and even a new perspective on life?

Or maybe it is because a really high quality essential oil has an enlivening energetic effect on the limbic system, the ‘oldest’ (in evolutionary terms) part of the brain? 

No doubt you’ll have your own theories.

The longer that I’ve been involved with essential oils the more I’ve come to realise that there is no one right or wrong way of understanding the amazing effect they have on us. Some people get fascinated by their chemistry, others by their emotional effect, their anti-bacterial properties, their energetics. We all have our own unique viewpoint and our own personal connection with oils.

But however long you have been using essential oils there will always be more to learn. In fact I’m sure you could study just one oil for years and never really feel you know everything about it.

What we aim to do at Oshadhi is not only to provide essential oils of great purity and high energetic value sourced direct from farmers around the world, but to offer to you an ongoing source of knowledge so that you can develop your understanding of the oils and how to use them for maximum enjoyment and therapeutic benefit.

One other thing… This is an ongoing project, and I would love it if it becomes a two-way process. It’s great to hear your stories, your favourite recipes, successes and insights about essential oils. These could be on the basis of years of professional practice, or they might be one powerful unique insight. Everything is valid. So please never hesitate to keep me informed so I can share with others.

As part of this project, you’ll be receiving:

  • Essential oil profiles and recommended ways to use them
  • Updates about new essential oils that we come across
  • General information and guidance about aromatherapy
  • Features about current issues in aromatherapy
  • Links to interesting and educational videos
  • Product highlights and features
  • The occasional personal opinion
  • pdfs to download and add to your collection

All of these have just one purpose: to help you to deepen your knowledge and understanding by informing your experience and practice of essential oils.

In this way you’ll be getting great knowledge to add to the great products that we offer.

I really hope you’ll find these useful, and I look forward to hearing your comments. I like to share and communicate knowledge, and I gather information from customers, friends, chemical profiles, books. I will always offer you details of the source if it is not from Oshadhi.

So please see this message as a very warm Welcome to the Oshadhi community. Please take time to visit our website frequently for updates, and don’t hesitate to take full advantage of everything we have to offer. Please let me hear your comments.

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