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uncompromising purity in essential oils

Unusual Vegetable Oils

We stock a wide range of vegetable oils including some which are really not very well known at all. Here are some of the more unusual vegetable oils and their uses:

Andiroba Oil

A rich oil, similar to olive oil in its properties. Can help to protect skin in the winter and also used for muscular strain after exercise.

Babassu Oil

A semi-solid oil composed mostly of saturated fatty acids. Especially good for dry or brittle hair.

Chaulmoogra Oil

This oil is rich, making it ideal to relieve the discomfort of chapped or dry skin caused by cold weather. Also a good base for a nourishing hand cream.

Hemp Seed Oil

Great for hair and nails. Massage into the nail bed or use as a hair conditioner (massage on to dry hair, leave for up to an hour and shampoo out).

Cucui (Kukui) Nut Oil

A lovely addition to a massage blend for a nice ‘feel’. Softening and anti-ageing for more mature skin.

Moringa Oil

Add to macadamia oil for an especially rich blend to use in facial or body massage. Great for anti-ageing. 

Neem Oil

Reputedly anti-fungal and disliked by garden bugs. Useful in a natural first aid kit for minor skin niggles.