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Product Focus: Omega Deluxe Facial Oil

When it comes to choosing skincare we know that with the multitude of products on offer finding something that is right for your skin can be tricky. Our Product Focus articles look at our products in detail so that you can understand how and why they work and whether they would be right for you. In this article we’ll look at the Omega Deluxe Facial Oil which is a great choice for anyone with mature skin, whether dry or oily.

So, let’s start at the bottom and look at the ingredients of the vegetable oil base. The main ingredient is Jojoba Seed Oil which is very similar to your skin’s natural oils. Using Jojoba as a base for a skincare oil ensures that it is absorbed easily and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin. The addition of Rose Hip Seed oil brings a wealth of nutrients that have long been in use in the Chilean Andes as a traditional skincare secret. This oil helps to improve the texture of skin and reduce marks and blemishes. It is often recommended as part of a blend to reduce scars and its amazing nutritive properties make it an ideal choice to slow down skin ageing.

You might wonder at the inclusion of Sunflower Oil in the blend as this conjures up an image of a pale yellow oil for cooking. In fact the Oshadhi cold pressed Sunflower Oil is very far from this, it is actually a rich green colour and like Jojoba it mirrors the skin’s natural oils to penetrate deeply into the skin. Apricot Kernel is especially suited to dry and sensitive skin types. It is a light oil which absorbs easily and contains a high content of vitamin E precursor. Finally Sesame Oil brings a rich, warming effect which helps to preserve the structure of the skin. It also contains natural anti-oxidants which not only help to preserve your skin but also help to preserve the shelf life of your oil!

To this base of pure vegetable oils the scent and therapeutic effects of Oshadhi essential oils are added. Turkish Rose essential oil is the ultimate in aromatic luxury. Rose oils are very complex, often containing more than 300 individual components which are anti-inflammatory for the skin and relaxing to the muscles that lie beneath. This gentle relaxation of the underlying muscles helps to smooth away tension in the face. The beautiful scent of Rose Geranium gives an instant boost to the spirits. This oil is known for its balancing effect which both calms and uplifts. It is also an effective astringent, firming and tightening the skin. Its antibacterial effects help to keep your skin clear of blemishes. Finally Palmarosa brings a very gentle yet powerful anti-bacterial action and also a mild anti-inflammatory effect, both of which help to keep your skin calm and clear.

In summary, this is a beautifully scented oil which nourishes dry skin and helps to refine and balance oily skin, making it a perfect oil for mature skin of all types. The Omega Deluxe Facial Oil is called a ‘skincare oil’ but really it is a fabulous three in one product; a luxurious and nourishing facial moisturiser, a natural scent that is feminine and sensual and an uplifting aromatherapy mood booster. Who could ask for more?