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How to use Katafray essential oil

Katafray – the plant

Katafray is a ‘tree oil’ that has much in common with oils such as Sandalwood and Cedarwood but perhaps with a certain lightness of spirit. It is native to Madagascar where it grows as a bush-like tree. It has small white flowers and tough, vivid green leaves which protect the tree from moisture loss.

The wood is dense and resistant to insects so it is commonly used as a construction material. Both the wood and the essential oil have been used in Magalasy culture for thousands of years as a traditional medicine.

Producing Katafray essential oil

The essential oil of Katafray is steam-distilled from the wood using a low temperature and pressure. This gentle, slow process give the best quality essential oil with the full range of therapeutic components. The resulting oil is colourless to light yellow with a woody yet slightly sweet aroma.

Blending with Katafray

Katafray is said to blend well with pretty much any oil. It is considered to be a middle note and it complements oils from all of the different aroma families. Katafray blends well with citrus, resin, floral, spicy and herbal essential oils.

Using Katafray in aromatherapy

Katafray is of particular use for the physical body where it can be used in a blend for the relief of everyday aches and pains. It is an oil that lends itself to general creakiness and poor movement – great for loosening up. It works well with oils such as Black Spruce, Sweet Marjoram, Ginger, Black Pepper and Plai. Add your choice of essential oils at around 3% in a carrier oil for a soothing massage.

It is also useful in a blend for healthy skin. Like Frankincense and Sandalwood it has a healing effect that is of benefit for any kind of irritation. It has a cooling effect similar to German Camomile and Yarrow, with which it blends well. Katafray can be added to a daily facial oil or topical cream.

Spiritual and emotional use of Katafray

Katafray is popular in spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness. Helen Nagle-Smith writes about Katafray, describing it as

“a wise elder wearing white in a hot dry landscape.”

In times of difficulty or change Katafray blends well with nurturing oils such as Neroli, Ylang Ylang or Lavender. For a deep grounding effect try it with Sandalwood or Frankincense.

Katafray is also said to be a source of courage and emotional strength. It blends well with other wood oils such Cedar, needle oils like Scots Pine or Silver Fir and resin oils such as Palo Santo and Frankincense.

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