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How to know more about Essential Oils

Have you spent many years using, loving, recommending and appreciating essential oils? Or are you perhaps taking your first steps on this magical journey? 

Whatever your particular story, I can almost guarantee one thing: that you feel you don’t know enough about essential oils! 

And how could it ever be otherwise? Essential oils are complex, multifaceted expressions of certain plants. They are concentrated expressions of the intelligence of Nature in all its mystery. And they interract with you as an individual on all different levels, physical, psychological and spiritual. So how could any of us ever feel our knowledge is complete? 

Products and knowledge
Oshadhi aims not only to offer a collection of 500 essential oils and other aromatherapy products selected for their high energetic value, but also to make a contribution to the world’s knowledge base about essential oils. And to be a meeting point where we can share knowledge and experience. 

We all want to find out about new oils. We want to know about their chemistry, their applications. We want to hear recommendations about what oil to use for what condition. We want to know about blends. We want to know about safety, about different ways to use them. We should share what we know. 

The two aspects of knowledge: experience and understanding
It’s great to read. It’s great to talk, and brilliant to discuss and to go to seminars and conferences. But best of all is to experience. 

Remember that there are three elements in every experience: the experiencer (you), the object of experience (the plant or the essential oil), and the process or connection, which sits between the two. 

Absolutely remember that there are no ‘right or wrong’ experiences. Get totally internal and subjective here, trust your intuition, and let go. If the book says it’s calming, and you find it enlivening, it’s enlivening! This is the interaction value, and we are all different. So trust your experience. It is a complex mix of your needs, your physiological state at the time, your memories. It is all real. 

Below are some tips from Malte Hozzel, who founded Oshadhi, about how to experience an essential oil, and how to experience the plant.

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Here Malte explains about Experiencing the plant in order to understand the essential oil.

How to experience the essential oil, by Malte Hozzel
As you inhale the fragrance of an essential oil, close your eyes and try to focus on nothing else. Develop a personal, intuitive recognition of what the oil does to you. Is there an ‘echo’ in some part of the body? Is there an ‘echo’ in some part of your feelings?

  • Do you like or dislike the fragrance?
  • What do you associate with it?
  • Does it trigger some specific memory?
  • Does it go deep or remain superficial?
  • Is the fragrance light or heavy?
  • Does it stimulate or relax?
  • Does it energise?
  • Is it a floral, leafy, woody note?
  • Is it harsh, fine, sweet, pungent, herbal, spicy, etc?
  • Is it warming or cooling?
  • Does it open or close you?
  • Is it euphorizing?
  • Any special experiences?