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Essential Oil Tips: My rose oil won’t come out of the bottle

First off, if your rose essential oil is having a shy moment and won’t come out of the bottle, this is a good thing. The presence of plant waxes in the oil is what causes it go solid and this is also a sign of a genuine steam-distilled rose essential oil. If you put a rose oil in the freezer for a few moments and it doesn’t start to crystallise then that could be a sign of adulteration.

If you have tried the different types of rose then you will know that they solidify at different temperatures (due to the different levels of plant waxes). The Persian Rose tends to be the first to go, and if you store your oils in a cool place to preserve their life then you will probably find that this oil is solid most of the time. The other types generally remain liquid although in cold weather you may see these oils start to crystallise a little.

So, back to the practical problem: My rose oil won’t come out of the bottle. Don’t worry, this is an easy one to solve. Just warm your oil slightly and it will flow again. If you have a small phial then follow a tip from one of our colleagues and tuck it in your bra (if you are wearing one, that is!). The warmth of your skin will warm the oil just enough. If that sounds a little chilly for you then pick a warm spot in the room or stand the bottle on a radiator. The oil has been steam distilled already so a gentle warmth will not do any harm.