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Conehead Thyme: Is it a Thyme or an Oregano?

Conehead Thyme (Corydothymus capitatus) is one of those oils that calls itself one thing and behaves like something else! It is also known as Spanish Oregano, yet it is not a true Oregano and is only loosely considered to be a type of Thyme. In some books it is referred to as Thymus capitatus (i.e. a type of Thyme), but it is recommended to be used in the same way as Organo due to its chemical profile being similar to that of an Oregano.

The Gas Chromatography data shows that the chemical profile of the Conehead Thyme is indeed very similar to Oregano. The main chemical constituent of Oregano is Carvacol and the GC readout shows that the Conehead Thyme contains around 65% Carvacol which is higher than many Oregano oils. It is more like an Oregano than Oregano itself, and for this reason it smells similar to Oregano.

In contrast, many Thyme oils contain less than 10% Carvacrol (and some less than 1%). The only species of Thyme that has a similar level of this chemical is Field Thyme (Thymus serpyllum).