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uncompromising purity in essential oils

A couple of thoughts on oils for candle making

Recently I was asked by a customer about oils for making candles. In this case the strength of the scent is as important as the scent itself so I did some comparisons:

Lavender/Lavandin: Our Lavandin Sweet Super (item no. 1870) has a more penetrating scent than the Highland Lavender. Their scents are different though… the Lavender is more pungent and rounded whereas the Lavandin is dryer and sweeter. We also have Spike Lavender (1890) which has a strong scent but one which is very different to the true lavender. Quite a sharp scent and the high cineol component means it actually smells a little like Rosemary.

Ylang Ylang: Another popular oil for use in scented products, this oil is distilled in stages to give fractions of varying quality and scent. The Complete type uses fractions from all of the stages which gives it a fuller scent. However, comparing the Ylang Ylang Complete (3030) and Ylang Ylang Extra (3040), the latter has by far the strongest scent of the two. They are actually quite similar in scent, just that the extra really jumps out of the bottle.

Rose: Rose Absolute (2540) is extracted using a solvent so it has a much stronger and fuller scent than the steam distilled alternatives. It is also substantially less costly!