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Angelica Essential Oils

Angelica is one of the few medicinal plants where essential oils are found in the seeds, stem, leaves, and root. The oil is mainly composed of monoterpenes (normally found in citrus and conifers), but as a root oil it also possesses an earthy quality.

Its warming nature supports the joints in cases of arthritis, gout and rheumatism.
Regulates the secretion of mucus, making it a good ally against bronchial problems, sinusitis and coughs.
Skin protecting properties, especially if congested or irritated.
Inhalation is helpful for nausea, weakness, and anxiety when travelling.
Soothes nervous tension and anxiety and can be particularly useful for ‘nervous stomach’, supports digestion.
Strengthens the kidneys.
Helps combat fear, and acts as a strong nerve tonic and energizer. Angelica helps us to find peace.

The message of Angelica is of hope and renewal. Whatever has happened in the past, life continues with learning and rebirth. Angelica shows us that we will never achieve perfection on one level, but that the perfection exists in our understanding and evaluation. Above all Angelica rids us of stuck patterns of behaviour, how ever many times we’ve made the same mistake. We simply have to be prepared to take the risk and go through the door, so we can see beyond our own expectations and prejudices.