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Camomile Essential Oils

Camomile" Camomile (Chamomile) brings to mind the words soothing, calming and relaxing, particularly in relation to skincare, and the nervous and digestive systems.

  • The soothing quality of camomile makes it a good support for the digestive system.
  • The oil also has a general calming effect, soothing irritability or nervousness.
  • These properties also make it an excellent addition to an aromatherapy skincare blend for troubled skin.
  • Its gentleness means it is suitable for use with children.
  • It blends well with Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage, Lemon, Marjoram and Rose essential oils.

There are a number of different oils which all are known as camomile, and all have similar properties, all look similar, and all belong to the same plant family.

German – or Blue – Camomile essential oil contains azulene which gives it its characteristic beautiful blue colour, and has a heavy sweet and herbaceous aroma.

Roman Camomile essential oil is sweeter aromatically. It shares the same therapeutic properties, but it milder than German Camomile, which makes it more suitable for children, or anyone who is particularly sensitive or those with a weak constitution.

Moroccan Wild Camomile essential oil grows in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is particularly useful as an ingredient in skincare preparations, is a good support for the female reproductive system, and is the best Camomile for use in perfumery.

Camomile Blue Tansy essential oil is also high in azulene and has similar properties to German Camomile.

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  • Roman Camomile

    Anthemis nobilis
  • German Camomile Organic

    Matricaria chamomilla
  • Roman Camomile Organic

    Anthemis nobilis
  • Camomile Blue Tansy Wild

    Tanacetum annuum
  • Moroccan Camomile

    Ormensis multicaulis et mixta
  • Moroccan Camomile Organic

    Ormensis multicaulis et mixta
  • Cape Camomile

    Eriocephalus punctulatus
  • German Camomile Organic Egypt

    Matricaria chamomilla
  • Blue Camomile CO2

    Matricaria chamomilla
  • German Camomile Dilution (3% in Jojoba)

  • Roman Camomile Dilution (3% in Jojoba)